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Driest Steyaert

Strategy Enabler

“I believe in the power of proximity and genuine human contact, convinced that most solutions are only one phone call away. I value human relationships over everything, and my customers always know what to expect from me.”

Over the years, Dries has built up ample experience in numerous environments - as a commercial director and as head of business development, to name but a few functions. Thanks to his broad experience, clients can entrust their most important business to him. His preferred role is that of the ‘consiglieri’ who acts as an experienced sounding board and a trusted companion that truly gets things done.

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  • Dries has an extensive network, which enables him to assemble the right team for each mission and attract the competences that are needed to turn every mission into a success.

  • Driven by an ‘own and solve’ mentality, Dries really grasps his client's problem to solve it fundamentally. He manages each project thoroughly, from developing the strategy to making sure it is executed.

  • Driven by an entrepreneurial and pragmatic approach,  he combines his expertise with the drive to set things in motion. He is realistic about what it takes to realise your plans and has the confidence to guide people in the right direction.

  • Dries’s experience and independent view enable him to look at each project from a fresh angle. Refusing to settle for a one-size-fits-all service, he always adds value with new ideas and unexpected insights.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.
Let's connect.

+32 (+32) 478 66 21 65

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