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A strategic boost for your sales, marketing and corporate efforts. 

Holmes & Watson inspires you with strategic advice to boost your marketing and sales activities, as well as your company as a whole. Driven by our broad expertise and pragmatic approach, we are here to bring about meaningful change and tangible progress.

Not only do we help you define your long-term business strategy: we also bring it to life across the organisation, making sure it conquers both minds and hearts.

Organisational Strategy

Whatever your ambitions may be: it’s time to get the basics right. We are by your side to develop and roll out the strategic foundations of your organisation – from mission to vision, from values to goals - and much more.

Marketing Strategy

We develop your marketing strategy in close collaboration with you and/or your marketing team, making sure that it is aligned with your overall company strategy.


Furthermore, we ensure its successful implementation through training, alignment with the sales team, the right digital tools and more. All this to ensure you get real ROI from your commercial efforts. 

Sales Strategy

We create real value by ensuring that your sales efforts go beyond the classic supplier-client model. Together with all stakeholders, we develop and roll out a sales strategy that enables you to build a long-term bond with your clients and turn them into ambassadors of your products and services. It’s the most solid basis for your sustainable growth. 

Do you want to tackle a more specific need? 
Look at our strategic sprints:

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Mission - Vision - Values

Define and refine your organization's mission, vision, and values, ensuring they resonate throughout your company. Our sprint guides you through a collaborative process, aligning your team behind a shared sense of purpose.

What does that look like?

  • Selection of the core team

  • Work sessions with the team

  • Presentation of the results

  • Hands-on personalised actionlist for further communication


Strategic Segmentation


Unlock the power of customer segmentation by dividing your target audience into distinct groups based on shared characteristics. This exercise helps tailor your marketing and sales efforts to specific customer segments, enhancing engagement and driving better results.

What does that look like?

  • Work sessions with the internal team

  • ​Presentation of summary and analysis


(E-)Business blueprint 

In today's digital landscape, having a solid e-business strategy is crucial. We help you develop a blueprint that aligns your online presence with your overall business objectives, maximizing your digital potential and driving growth.

What does this look like?

  • Define a core team

  • Blue print work sessions 

  • Map out the complete customer (e-)journey and internal touch points (As is / To be) 

  • Presentation of overview and analysis


Longterm growth plan

Unlock your organization's growth potential through a comprehensive growth plan. We work closely with you to identify growth opportunities, devise actionable strategies, and establish a roadmap for sustainable success.

What does this look like?

  • Analyse current sales & profit & ideal customer .

  • Analyse and map potential new geographies, markets, segments ... 

  • Route-to-market actionplan (sales, marketing, PM) 


Tailormade strategic sprint

Our Strategic Sprints are an agile approach to strategy development, crafted to meet your unique business challenges head-on.

Our expert team partners with yours, employing innovative tools to create a strategy rooted in your vision and objectives.

From brand repositioning to market exploration and operations optimization, our tailored Sprints are equipped to guide you through all strategic endeavors.

Don't merely adapt to change, drive it. Embark on a Strategic Sprint with Holmes & Watson, delivering swift and tangible results.


Business Scan

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization's strengths, weaknesses, and untapped opportunities through a first assessment. We help you identify areas for improvement and develop quick-win actions and a first idea of longterm goals.

We organize a challenging session with an expert of choice to deep dive into your organisation.

Topics we can help you with: 

  • Business strategy

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Distributormanagement


What's your organisations why?


Uncover your organization's core purpose and values, defining the "why" that drives your business forward. We guide you through a reflective process to articulate what really drives your organisation, aligning your entire team behind a common purpose.

What does this look like?

  • Stakeholderinterviews 

  • Value proposition

  • what - how - why 

  • Hands-on personalised actionlist for communication


Customer Survey​

Gain valuable insights and feedback from your customers through targeted surveys. We design and implement customer surveys that enable you to understand their needs, preferences, and satisfaction levels, fueling informed decision-making.

What does that look like?

  • Definition of the goals of the survey​.

  • Define target group(s) for the survey. 

  • Create questions for the survey + translations.

  • Program survey & send out.

  • Presentation of the results & analysis.


Launch a new product with a succesful salesplan

Launching a new product? Our sprint provides a hands-on feasable sales plan to ensure a successful market entry. From target audience analysis to messaging strategies and sales enablement, we help you achieve a remarkable product launch.



  • Define the new product with all it's USP's

  • Set-up sales plan: budget per geography, strategy with milestones & actions

  • Create strategic marketingplan in collaboration with product management ​


Activational sprints

In the fast-paced world of strategic execution, Holmes & Watson has unlocked a pragmatic approach: Activational Sprints.


These dynamic bursts of focused activities put their business enablers into action and produce immediate results. After a strategic sprint, you can activate them with guidance and an extra pair of hands. With these carefully crafted sprints of limited duration, we assemble the right teams, prioritize and execute tasks with precision.

Get ready to activate, accelerate, and achieve strategic success with Holmes & Watson's Activational Sprints.

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