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Be creative. Get rid of the box. 

We firmly believe in the art of challenging the status quo. And whenever art shows up, creativity is around the corner. Mind you, creativity isn’t the prerogative of management. It’s up to everyone in the organisation to explore, think of and express new ideas. Just like it’s up to you to encourage your people to not only think outside the box, but also free themselves of the whole box altogether. 

Stay authentic, always.

There's no harm in learning a thing or two from the world around you. However, never copy and paste. Don't sell your soul to whatever seems to be expected from you at any moment in time, but stick to your story. At Holmes & Watson, we believe that only organisations which are truly authentic, with engaged people who genuinely understand and practice what the company is about, will keep thriving in the long run. 

Let’s get close. 

We are convinced that proximity is a condition for success. Simply put: we want to keep you close – and, well, we hope the feeling is mutual. In fact, we might get under your skin at times. But remember that’s it’s all for the greater good. After all, we’re on this journey together. And sometimes that means we’re too close for comfort. But lack of comfort can also lead to meaningful change.

From owners to ambassadors. 

Your people will only bring your strategy to life when they truly feel a sense of belonging. Holmes and Watson therefore strongly believes in a culture of ownership. Make employees co-owners of your strategy by involving them in its conception from the start. Turn them into ambassadors, both internally and in the outside world. Give them the tools they need to turn your vision into reality every day. 

Image by Florian Klauer

Driven by our values 

Dive into our manifesto 

At Holmes & Watson, we stick to our manifesto to bring about meaningful change. This set of values defines how we bring long-term business strategies to life. Creativity, authenticity, closeness and ownership make up the foundations of our beliefs.

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