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Liselotte Ampe

Operational & change enabler

Meet Liselotte Ampe, our dynamic Strategy Activator at Holmes & Watson, the go-to expert in turning visionary ideas into reality. Liselotte is the mastermind behind transforming your strategy into tangible actions - she's all about making it happen!

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About Liselotte

With a keen eye for efficiency and simplicity, Liselotte thrives on enhancing processes and systems, always with a focus on practicality and effectiveness. She possesses a unique talent for taking complex strategies and distilling them into streamlined, actionable plans. Her motto? "Keep it simple." This approach not only streamlines workflow but also amplifies results.

At the core of her method is the "Think-Plan-Do" philosophy. She believes in thorough planning and thoughtful execution, ensuring that every step taken is a strategic one. Liselotte's approach to strategy activation is not about reinventing the wheel but about making the wheel turn smoother and faster.
Collaboration is another area where Liselotte excels. She takes a deep dive into teamwork dynamics, examining and refining the way teams work together to achieve their goals. By enhancing collaboration, she helps teams to be more than the sum of their parts.
While her colleagues, Shari and Helena, focus on the 'why and what' of your strategy, Liselotte is the wizard of the 'how'. She doesn't just dream big; she makes big things happen. With her at the helm of implementation, your strategy isn't just a plan; it's a reality in the making.

Welcome to the world of strategic clarity and efficiency, where Liselotte Ampe turns the gears of progress with precision and passion.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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