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Mike Beyers

Strategic content partner

“I have a way with words. I put them in the order that’s needed to cause the desired effect. I use them to express ideas that reach audiences. I share them with other people, so that we can create solutions together.”

As an experienced copywriter (one that thinks that ‘senior’ may sound a bit old), Mike is Holmes & Watson’s loyal word supplier and avid ally. When he’s not writing for clients in various sectors, he’s teaching others how to write – either as a university lecturer or a copy trainer. He prefers close collaborations based on original thought and open communication.

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  • Mike has over 20 years of experience in creative and strategic communication projects. 

  • He writes short & long copy in various genres - from web copy to ads, from radio spots to video scripts. He also supervises branding workshops and develops brand stories. 

  • Over the years, he has worked for large and smaller companies in numerous sectors - from food to telecoms, from consulting to pharma. 

  • He passes on his writing expertise as a lecturer at the University of Antwerp (professional communication) and as a copy trainer at various companies.

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