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Phebe De Cubber

Graphic Designer

"I love creating abstract designs that stand out for their simplicity."

I help translate companies' messages through clean and clear design, believing that you have to consider the overall concept. Print or digital? Driven by passion and perfectionism, I strive for elegant design with a twist.

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  • With my focus on branding and social media design, I help entrepreneurs build a powerful identity. A brand story that in turn touches and impacts customers in an appealing way.

  • When the client provides a brief, my creative brain immediately kicks in. I see potential in the story they tell and immediately visualize design solutions that perfectly align with the company's vision.

  • I constantly keep educating myself to stay abreast of the latest trends and techniques, so I always stay fresh and relevant in my designs.

  • With a huge dose of enthusiasm, I am eager to get to work. No challenge is too big, I embrace them all with creativity and determination.

  • In addition to designing, I am also active as a photographer. By combining graphic design and photography, I can bring the visual identity fully to life.

  • That way I can capture the right images that perfectly fit the brand identity to create the desired atmosphere."

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