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Tanguy De Keyzer

Digital growth enabler

🚀 I help B2B founders and investors design and execute their go-to-market functions from the ground up over 6 to 12 months; services included are Strategy, SEO, PPC, Marketing Automation, Content, UX/UI & Analytics."

Tanguy is here to guide founders and marketing teams through the path of growth marketing. With a hands-on, no-nonsense approach blended with a good dose of fun, he helps transforming the complex journey of business growth with his helicopter view into a successful and enjoyable experience for all marketing and sales teams.

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Tanguys focus is on:

  • Building digital marketing and sales strategies for high-growth B2B companies.

  • Removing all friction from the digital customer journey and improving clarity and conversion.

  • Launching strong demand campaigns that drive high-converting opportunities.

  • Implement and integrate processes, playbooks, and technologies to support scaleability.

  • While maintaining a curious and fun approach throughout our journey.


What you'll get:

  • Tailored marketing and sales strategies that 'pop' with your target audience.

  • A growth expert with a proven track record in business, marketing, sales, or support.


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